Managerial Vision of Kyoei Food

Top company in Japan

The breadcrumb market is worth about 35 billion yen. Since 1967, Kyoei has been the industry leader. We have 11 factories in Japan, and a big distribution network. These work efficiently in the flow of goods and information, and also make it possible for us to ensure regular supplies, and thereby a consumer friendly service. We listen to and take note of our customers' comments on a daily basis, and apply the information to improve our breadcrumbs. We are simultaneously developing frozen foods, and are working in other aspects of catering. Our goal is to contribute to dietary life by providing quality breadcrumbs at a reasonable price.

We challenge world market

Kyoei Food founded the UNITED KYOEI FOODS (UKF) in 1988 with local capital in Thailand. The second was founded in January, 1997. Its progress has been remarkable. Thailand is a popular country for Japanese food industries to invest in. Prawns, fried fish and chicken fries are exported to Japan, Australia, Europe and America. UKF supplies to the local industries and to Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. We hope that the demand for frozen foods will grow together with the economies of the Asian countries. We will continue to expand our company, so that people world wide will be able to share the special Kyoei taste.

The rough diamonds that are the individual Kyoei employees

The company is made out of the people in it, and employees are the treasure of the corporate. Kyoei believes in the philosophy that the company has to treat its employees in a manner that will allow them to grow. We aim to keep wages with an incentive level that other food manufacturers are unable to offer. We also encourage Job Training, and through this we contribute to society, as well as enriching the personalities and nature of our employees by daily work and effort. We also take the global concern of the ageing society seriously, and have introduced our own contributions to countermeasure the problem: we have set the retirement age at 60. We have also adopted a 5 day-working week, and further, employ part-time workers aged 61-65 to encourage the use of the older workforce.