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Panko is a unique Japanese food which was born and grown in Japan. Currently, it is expanding for all over the world including Asian countries, Europe, United States, and has been recognized as a healthy and tasty food.

We “Kyoei Food” started producing panko in 1967. At the time, we only had 4-5 employees, however, due to the rapid expansion of fried foods and frozen foods after 1970, we expanded to Thailand and Vietnam. Currently, we have over 1400 employees including our overseas associated companies.

We are proud of our contribution to not only Japanese food culture but also to overseas food culture through producing panko.

In order to contribute to food culture, we will make continuous efforts through our corporate social responsibility.

President & CEO

Corporate VisionVISION



Account for 25% share of domestic panko market

The market size of panko is an estimated $400 million in Japan. We have achieved the top share in the market by continuous efforts and technical innovation. We have 13 factories in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, and now are arranging an interrelated sales network. The purpose is for stable supply and service close to customers by organizing new logistics and information systems. Because we supply panko products directly to the customers, we can in turn receive demand for many panko products.

We will seriously tackle these demands from customers and will aim for further development. “We will contribute to the growth of food culture”. We will continue making an effort to uphold this philosophy.



Aim for a global market

In 1988, we established a joint venture called “United Kyoei Foods” with local companies in Thailand. In 1997, we established “Siam UKF” in Thailand as well. In 2004, we established “Vina Foods Kyoei” in Vietnam, in addition to a new factory in Da Nang, Vietnam in 2017.

Although “Kyoei Panko” produced in Thailand and Vietnam are mainly supplied to local frozen food manufacturers, recently export to Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, India, and Western countries has been increasing. Due to economic development in Asian countries, an increase in demand is expected for panko as well as frozen foods.



Brush up ability and personality of each employee

Also, we encourage education to brush up expertise and contribute to the society through well-educated employees. “Enhance ability of each employee through tackling their daily work seriously, brush up personality, educate employees to be rich in humanity”. This is one of our philosophies.