Panko History

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Panko was born in Japan and grown up over the worldPANKO ROOTS

Japanese Panko was born by knowledge and invention of the past generation.

In 1853, the Black Ship first knocked on the doors of Japan and the new era "Meiji" began. Western culture suddenly started to flood into Japan. Restaurants in major towns started to provide Western style menus including croquettes and fried fish which were coated with breadcrumbs. Most breadcrumbs from overseas manufactured at the time were crushed biscuits and crackers. As these breadcrumbs were very expensive for chefs, they started to use sliced bread to make them into breadcrumbs. This was how the Japanese breadcrumbs were invented and it has been passed on to present day.

  • Japanese panko became popular in foreign countries.

    In the 70's, fish fries which imitate Japanese style were developed and expanded in Europe, especially in the UK. At the same time, frozen foods manufacturers which produced shrimp fries and fish fries came out in the US, especially on the west coast. The method of production was taught by Japanese panko manufacturers. The package was written as "Japanese style panko used".

    On the other side of the globe, frozen foods were becoming very popular in Korea and Taiwan. In these countries, panko breadcrumbs were sold as a staple commodity in small packages. The production technology for these products was also provided from Japan.

    The foodservice industry in China and other Asian countries has been expanding due to increasing personal incomes in these countries. It is expected that this will in turn cause an increase in demand for panko with the expansion of fried foods.

  • Current situation of panko

    Due to diversification of demand for panko, the requirements from the customers have been changing from soft texture or great appearance to high-end or value-added.

    While we pursue taste and flavor of panko, we are required to supply many kinds of panko such as low carbohydrate, non-fried, no additives, to meet the demand for healthy products.

  • The future of panko is panko which is loved all over the world.

    The menus which are coated with panko are tasty and nutritious since they are using many ingredients, coated with flour, and cooked with oil.
    Therefore, we believe these menus will be expanded across the border and loved all over the world.
    Our dream is to make global food culture better through our panko.