Product introduction

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Choose from manufacturing method


We have two manufacturing methods to produce panko.
One is called "Baisho" which is when panko is baked by gas oven the same as regular bread.
The other method is called "Denkyoku" which is baked by electricity. The baked bread doesn't have crust and looks like steamed bread.
Both manufacturing methods have their own characteristics.

  • Denkyoku (electrically baked)

    Characteristic : Slivery shape("Kendachi"), Less oil absorption, Keeping texture
    Denkyoku panko can keeps the fried texture longer.

  • Baisho (oven baked)

    Characteristic : Slivery shape("Kendachi"), Soft texture, Melt-in-the-mouth
    Baisho panko has great flavor and soft texture when cooked.

Choose from color


We have three panko colors: "White", "Color", and "Mix" to meet customer's demand for preventing the fading fried color over time. We can also supply many kinds of fried color for your preference by adjusting sugar content.

  • White


    White panko has natural color which wheat originally has.

  • Color


    Color panko is colered by a natural coloring or vegetable paste to prevent fried color from fading over time.

Choose from moisture content


We classify panko into three types by moisture content to suggest most suitable panko for each ingredient and usage.

  • Fresh panko

    You can enjoy light and crispy texture.

  • Semi-dry panko

    We recommend this type for those who are doing machine breading.

  • Dry panko

    You can use this type for not only breading but also binding purpose

Choose from mesh size


In order to meet requirements such as "to be thicker", "to be easier for breading", we have large, medium, and small mesh panko.

  • Large mesh (12~14mm)

    Large mesh panko gives food a more volumous, thicker, and great appearance just like blooming.

  • Medium mesh (8~10mm)

    Medium mesh panko is suitable for various ingredients.

  • Small mesh (4~6mm)

    Small mesh panko is suitable for small ingredients and is able to coat soft and high moisture ingredients.