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Reliability Improvement Voluntary Action Plan
Kyoei Food Co., Ltd.    
President Yasunari Yamamoto
 Essential tenet1 Clarification of consumer base point
Our fundamental policy is to offer safe and trustable food in cooperation with frozen food manufacturers, discount stores, people who dine out, and so on , based on a consumer-centered point of view.
  • Based on a consumer-centered management, we will clearly offer safe and reliable food for frozen food manufacturers, discount stores, people who dine out, and so on.
  • Executives and employees will work together with an awareness of their role in the food chain.
  • We will surely instill in company members the necessity of securing safety and quality in all the processes, from development and manufacturing to sales, in order to offer safe and reliable food.
  • Improvement will be carried out throughout the whole company, with review and verification of approaches in the office.

 Essential tenet2 Establishment of compliance-awareness
We will promote the socio-ethical cooperate activities, complying with our legal obligations and social norms, responding appropriately to changes in social environment.
  • It is declared that all the executives and the employees, including part part-timers, act based on the compliance.
  • Managers and management supervisors will seize all chances to declare strong-will, in and out, aiming to promote a deeper understanding of parties concerned.
  • To instill the compliance in the office, we will conduct required education and training.
  • We will execute internal and external audits regularly to improve and verify whether the compliance in the office is attempted thoroughly.

 Essential tenet3 Basis of appropriate sanitary supervision and quality control
We will control the appropriate sanitation and quality, from purchasing material to manufacturing and the delivery of goods, to offer safe and reliable food to customers.
  • We will confirm if the manufacturing process and the package presentation is appropriate for the commodity, and if its content of the raw material and the content indication suit the law.
  • We will conduct preliminary surveys on business partners of raw material, and select from the credible ones.
  • We will check the safety of raw materials and treat them appropriately when we accept and use them.
  • We will conduct either hands-on or paper-based screening on written standards, inspection books, and certificates from customers of the raw material, including processed goods, whether they correspond with the Food Sanitation Act and its related laws and regulations, and our own standard.
  • When manufacturing products, we will create our Standard Operating Procedure and QC process chart, and produce them accordingly.
  • We will wash and sterilize manufacturing facilities appropriately, and carefully pay attention to employees’ health and clothing.
  • We will keep necessary records of the temperature of refrigerators and so forth, to confirm whether equipment is operating appropriately.
  • We will always keep the work area clean, and machines and instruments will be firmly kept tidy by “4S activity”.
  • “4S activity”Arrangement (Seiri), Tidying things up (Seiton), Neatness (Seiketsu) and Cleaning Up (Seisou)
  • We will set various rules and create manuals, and promote this effort by introducing the ISO system so that the contents are steadily executed.

 Essential tenet4 System maintenance for appropriate sanitary supervision and quality control
We will develop a system to implement appropriate hygiene and quality control, to offer safe and reliable food for consumers
  • In each process of storing, manufacturing and delivery of material, we will investigate, analyze, evaluate and take measures if needed, to prevent the possibility of sanitary problems and tampering.
  • We will set best-before dates for the commodities based on a scientific and reasonable grounds.
  • Line managers will carry out daily inspections on their factories for the manufacturing process, and we will monitor them to prevent accidents resulting in decreased quality.
  • We will enhance the ability of employees in the quality control unit and the production line through education and training.
  • The Quality Control Unit will be in charge of the verification of implementation on manufacturing and sanitary supervisions, such as wipe examination on process and bacteriological examination on raw materials and food, including processed products.
  • Managers will execute management reviews to confirm the PDCA cycle on appropriate sanitary supervision and the quality control.

 Essential tenet 5 Efforts on collection, transmission, and disclosure of information
We will fully communicate with frozen food manufacturers, discount stores, people who dine out. Also, we will collect and control required information.
  • We will confirm the needs of frozen food manufacturers, discount stores, and people who dine out for customer satisfaction.