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Kyoei Food's breadcrumbs enhance the original taste of food.

Soft breadcrumbs
Soft breadcrumbs

  • White
    Suitable for cutlets or high-quality fried prawns.
  • Coloured
    Good-quality croquettes and Hamburg steak.
  • Mixed
    Suitable for use for fried prawns, fried fish and other fish products.

Dried breadcrumbs
Dried breadcrumbs

  • White flour
    Suitable for croquettes,cutlets and fried prawns.
  • Coloured flour
    Suitable for daily dishes and lunchbox meals.
  • Sweet flour
    Suitable for high-quality croquettes and hamburger and meat ball.
※We make also batter mix, pasta and salad oil.

We provide what market wants.

Dining-out Company

Cutlet speciality restaurants are using high quality soft breadcrumbs. They are made from carefully selected ingredients, making fried foods golden and keeping them crispy.

Frozen food

Frozen food (fried food) As dried breadcrumbs are most suitable for being used in machines, they used to be the main type of breadcrumbs used by Frozen Food companies. However, these companies are now turning increasingly to white breadcrumbs, because of the superior quality. Kyoei Food is making every effort to adjust the amount of water and colour (using natural colour only to meet the demand).

We are trying our best to provide the highest quality, that is clean and germ-free. We have dry, soft, half-soft, and coloured breadcrumbs that are suitable for hamburgers, cutlets and meat-balls.