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 Business Specialization in Kyoei Food

Michihiro Nakayama/Yokohama Branch

My work is to offer our breadcrumb to a broad range of customers around the Kanto area, including restaurant chains, supermarkets, local Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurants, butcheries, and delis.

Recently, the needs of our customers are becoming more diverse, and their demands range in variety from how the breadcrumbs melt in the mouth to how they look in terms of crispiness and color after being fried.

Another important aspect we consider is the timing that customers taste our products. We provide different products for Tonkatsu restaurants, where customers enjoy freshly-fried cutlets, and deli shops, where customers eat the products while after being fried.

At times, when our customers request that they want to make a "thickly-sliced loin Tonkatsu" or a "JUICY Menchikatsu (minced meat cutlet)", we conduct trials of tests to propose products that best matches the size and shape of their ingredients. These proposals don't always succeed and I'm frequently in cold sweat, but there are times when our customer tells us, "Foods fried with Kyoei breadcrumbs are the best !" Such are moments when I feel proud and lucky to be part of this job.

I'm willing to continue my work to make our breadcrumbs a great supporting-role player on the meal table.

Sota Ito/Accounting Department

In the accounting division, we check sales volume and expense, in order to cut out unnecessary costs and contribute to profit increase. We process the data on cash and deposits every day, and prepare monthly financial statements during the ends and beginnings of each month.

Starting from November of 1995, the Tokyo office gathers and processes the data from all the other overseas branches, and from July of 2010, the data from the affiliated companies overseas as well. So we have to deal with 3 to 4 times the size of data compared to before, and we are always being in a pressed situation to process them.

We compose the annual budget every September, revise the 2nd-term budget until early April, and produce the annual accounting in November. Spending about a month each, these documents becomes quite massive and well over 5 cm in thickness if you include the preliminary documents. Completing a document will bring a sense of accomplishment - but you can't sit in there for long, since products are traded daily and sales data are updated every day.

Our division is currently working on a new information processing architecture which would enable more accurate and immediate data processing. Specifically, we will concentrate information and data from all the domestic offices and overseas branches affiliated companies to the Tokyo office and control them. We will continue to propose possible cost-reduction opportunities through intensive inspection of the daily data. Also, through analyses on the cost of each product, we aim to contribute toward making our products more competitive in the market.

Hiroki Okazaki/UNITED KYOEI FOODS Co., Ltd. Manager

UKF was founded in 1988, at the request of a large Japanese frozen food company, as they were unable to obtain suitable breadcrumbs in Thailand. Kyoei, the biggest Thai flour company, United Flour Mill and Mitsui Trading Company launched a joint venture.

We have 150 employees. The poor local sanitary conditions were disastrous from the point of view of a food manufacturer , and at our inception we took great pains to improve this . On the other hand , I enjoy life in Thailand. I became familiar with the local people and learned Thai, which helps my work greatly.

My dream is to offer customers delicious breadcrumbs and new breadcrumb products. I would like to begin the realisation of this dream in South East Asia.

Minoru Azuma/Bread baking

Good breadcrumbs can only be made from good bread; this means soft bread of a very fine texture. Temperature , measurement and time when at the fermenting stage are the crucial factors in baking good bread.

We must adjust these three with sensitivity . It is almost a work of art. Seasonal changes affect the bread produced, although we try as much as possible to stabilise the quality.

We try to compensate for the unfavourable climate by using warmer mixing water, and by prolonging the fermenting time.

As yeast is a living entity and causes untold problems if used excessively, we regulate the amount used strictly. Bread baking could be compared to growing a plant. We shall continue to "grow" quality bread.

Masao Nariai/R&D department

Nowadays , we are required to meet the extremely sophisticated demands of the consumer.

Their standard for satisfaction is very high.

For instance, customers look for frozen food which will be crisp even when microwaved. Moreover, if they are health conscious, they will not want to buy greasy food.

The use of colourings must be handled carefully, too. We have had a recent customer request for breadcrumbs that have not been broken in the manufacturing process.

We spent more than 3 months researching this, and I was more relieved than gratified when my customer finally accepted the product after rigorous quality checks.

My dream is to be able not only to supply and realise all the wishes of our customers, but to be able to exceed expectations.